Avoider is an exciting game that feels like you're driving on a busy space superhighway! You control a white triangle, and your goal is to catch the yellow dot that appears randomly on the screen. Each time you reach the yellow dot, you earn a point. But it's not easy—many other colored triangles are moving in different directions and at varying speeds, trying to block your way. Some are fast, and some are slow, making the game challenging and fun. It's like testing your spaceship-driving skills! With its simple graphics and thrilling gameplay, Avoider will keep you on your toes. How many points can you score? Jump in and find out!

How to Play: Click the large "Play" icon on the welcome screen to get started. You can also toggle the music on or off using the Speaker icon.


Desktop: Press and hold the mouse button to control your white triangle.

Touchscreen Devices: Tap and hold the screen to control the white triangle.

Gameplay: Feel the thrill of flying on a busy space superhighway! Navigate your white triangle while avoiding other colored triangles moving in various directions. Your goal is to reach the yellow dot that appears randomly on the screen to score points. Avoid the other triangles—they come in large numbers and some move very fast! The key is to stay sharp and keep dodging. How high can you score?


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