Battle Arena

Battle Arena - Enter the battle and conquer as many victories as you can. You are a knight with a sword and shield in a survival arena, facing off against various opponents, animals, monsters, and other knights! It's battle after battle, and you must survive as long as possible!

How to play: Tap or click anywhere on the welcome screen to access the tutorial page, where you'll learn how to attack, defend, and replenish your life.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the Sword icon to attack, tap the Shield button to defend, and tap the Life button in the middle to replenish your life.

Desktop: Use your keyboard to move, attack, and defend. Press the A key to attack with your sword, press the D key to defend with your shield, and click the Life button in the middle to replenish your life.

Gameplay: Your character is a cool knight clad in medieval armor with a sword, shield, and a cape. You will engage in continuous combat, facing one opponent after another. Your goal is to deplete your opponent's life bar while maintaining your own, both displayed at the top of the screen. After each fight, you'll be given one of three upgrade options such as increased attack power, more life, or enhanced shield power. You can replenish your life during a fight, but there is a limited window to do so. Be mindful of your life bar as it carries over to the next fight, which begins immediately after you choose an upgrade. It's a test of endurance—how long can you survive?


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