Fan of an idle clicking game? Then Bee is the game for you! Generate income by clicking or tapping on the screen. Progress by unlocking and upgrading hives, and enhance your earnings by upgrading processing equipment. One important note, the game never ends!

How to Play: Begin the game by pressing the START button on the welcome screen.


Desktop: Use your mouse to click on the background to earn income.
Click on the top honey vat or the unlock & upgrade buttons to manage beehives. Scroll up or down by selecting the screen background and scrolling.

Touchscreen devices: Tap on the screen to earn active income.
Tap on the honey vat or the unlock and upgrade buttons to interact with beehives. Swipe up or down on the screen to scroll.

Your coin savings and percent multiplier are displayed in the top left corner. The level number and status bar for level upgrades are shown at the top center. The level up button in the upper right corner triggers with each level increase.

Gameplay: Click on the background to generate income actively and expand your beehives for passive income.

Objectives: Unlock & upgrade beehives and enhance processing by selecting the machine at the top of the screen.

Levels: Active clicking earns points, with income per click increasing with level. Level upgrades double remaining coin savings with each increase. Upgrade production capacity at the top of the screen, with costs increasing geometrically.

The game has no defined endpoint and can run autonomously for extended periods.


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