Blue Car

In Blue Car, you control a blue car driving along a four-lane highway. Your goal is to avoid other cars on the road—hitting them ends the game. To score points, collect coins scattered along the highway. Some coins are easy to grab, while others are positioned among other cars, requiring quick reflexes and fast clicking to collect them.

How to Play: On the welcome screen, click the play icon to start the game. You can also share the game and your best score by clicking the Twitter button.


Desktop: Use the A or D keys to move the car left or right.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the A or D buttons on the screen to move the blue car left or right.

Gameplay: This retro game is easy to play. Just tap or click the A or D keys/buttons to move the blue car left or right. As you drive down the highway, avoid hitting other cars—colliding with them means game over. Collect coins along the way to score points. The game continues as long as you avoid crashes.


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