Box Tower

Box Tower is like a reverse Jenga! In this addictive game, you stack moving boxes to build a tall tower. You can play using touch, mouse, or keyboard controls. On a PC or laptop, use the "Space" key or left-click to drop the boxes. On a smartphone or tablet, just tap anywhere on the screen. Your goal is to stack the boxes as high as possible, aligning them carefully to avoid making the tower lean and eventually fall. The game continues endlessly as long as you keep stacking without dropping the boxes or collapsing the tower. Aim for the highest score by building the tallest, most stable tower you can!

How to Play:
Click on the play icon to begin. You can also toggle the music on or off using the musical note icon in the upper right corner.

Use either the space key or the mouse button to drop the planks below.

Touchscreen Devices:
Tap the screen to drop the planks and build a tower.

This endless game requires accuracy. Drop planks to build a stable tower. If the tower leans too much to the left or right, it will collapse and the game is over. The game also ends if you miss the tower when dropping a plank.


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