Car Backwheel

In Car Backwheel, you steer a lone wheel separated from its car through challenging tracks. Your goal is to gather coins, steer clear of spikes and water hazards, and ultimately reunite with your car at the finish line. Progress through 20 exciting levels to complete your wheel's adventure.

How to play: To begin playing, tap the play button in the bottom right corner of the welcome screen. Select a wheel positioned near the center of the screen.

Desktop: Right arrow is to move forward. Left arrow is to reverse. Click on the up arrow key to jump.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the right arrow button to move forward. Tap the left arrow button to reverse. Tap the up arrow button to jump.

Gameplay: Play in landscape mode for the best! Reach the end of the obstacle course. Jump over obstacles and avoid hazards. Attach the wheel to the car at the end of the course. Avoid spikes and water to prevent game over! Pass checkpoints to resume from there. Pay attention to the level terrain. Collect coins throughout the level. Coin counter tracks all collected coins, even if you fail the level. Use moving obstacles and special items.

Levels: Unlock levels sequentially. Complete a level to unlock the next
Replay unlocked levels. Total of 10 levels.


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