Circle Hit

If you enjoy simple but fun and addictive tapping or clicking games, you should try Circle Hit. The goal is to tap the circle as it rotates, but you can only hit the red part, not any other part. With one white dot and your skilled fingers, can you successfully hit the red section of the circle? See how many hits you can get in a row!

How to Play: To begin, just click or tap the Play button on the title screen. You can also change the settings before starting.

Desktop: Click the mouse to make the white dot shoot up.

Touchscreen: Tap the screen to make the white dot go up.

Gameplay: There is a rotating circle with a short red line on it. You need to hit the red line accurately with the white dot to score 1 point. Hitting the white part of the circle will end the game. The faster you hit the red line, the faster the circle will rotate. It's all about timing and reflexes! Have fun!


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