Combat 5 Online

Combat Online, also known as Combat 5, is a web-based first-person shooter game (FPS) that allows up to 14 players to battle on a single map. The game's graphics and gameplay are exceptional and that of a console game. Players can engage in team deathmatches or play custom game modes across various maps and terrain. Within the game, you can level up, purchase powered up weapons and character skins. The option to form your own clan, or join one, is also available in Combat Online. Your player ranking is also displayed amongst the world to show where you stand. Additionally, the game features a visual 3D map editor, enabling you to design your own maps and share them with the entire online community.

Mouse - Aim and shoot
WASD keys - Move round the map
Spacebar - Jump
1-9 number keys - Change your weapon
Shift - Sprint



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