Crazy Fishing

Dive into the world of "Crazy Fishing" where you'll take on the challenge of catching the most prized fish using unconventional methods as a daring cat armed with a shotgun. Explore the shores in search of treasures and fish, stocking up on essentials from a nearby tackle shop. Upgrade your fishing equipment with your earnings, cast your line deep into the waters, and embark on a quest to uncover the legendary treasure waiting to be discovered.

How to play: To begin the game, tap the play button on the welcome screen. Adjust the game's sound by tapping the speaker button. Your progress and high score are automatically saved by your web browser.


Desktop: Use the mouse to drop and move the fishing line and shoot at fish.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the screen to control.

Gameplay: Keep an eye on the coins collected and the depth indicator. Drop the line into the water, catch fish by moving the hook, and let the line sink before resurfacing. Shoot down fish for coins and upgrades. Upgrade your line length, speed, and shooting power to reach deeper waters and catch valuable fish. Utilize conveniences like the lamp and battery. The game ends when you catch the treasure or purchase all upgrades.


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