Escape the Killer

Escape the Killer is a fun HTML5 running game where you must evade a relentless bandit who is determined to end your life. Your objective is to navigate through the endless obstacles, testing your agility and quick reflexes to outrun the pursuing assassin. Along the way, you can collect cakes to increase your score. With its thrilling gameplay and endless possibilities, Escape the Killer promises an immersive and challenging experience for players.

How to Play: To start the game, click on the Play icon on the welcome screen. You'll also find the audio level and music buttons on the welcome screen to adjust the sound.

Desktop: Use the left or right mouse button to make the your player jump. Double-click while the player is mid-jump to jump again.

Touchscreen devices: Tap on the screen to make the player jump. Double-tap to make the dog jump while in mid-air.

Gameplay: Escape The Killer is a simple but challenging running game. Your character runs automatically, so you need to focus on timing your jumps to avoid obstacles and stay ahead of the killer chasing you. The key is mastering the controls, which mainly involve jumping. As you run, look for power-ups and bonuses that can help you go faster or become invincible for a short time. One wrong move could end the game, so you have to be quick and precise with your jumps to progress as far as possible.


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