Flat Jumper


Flat Jumper is an engaging idle tapping game where players aim to keep a ball bouncing across moving platforms of various colors. The game, introduces the challenge of matching the ball's color with the platform it lands on to continue the game. Players use levers at the bottom of the screen to switch the ball's color, adding a strategic element to the gameplay. The goal is to achieve high scores by maintaining the bounce for as long as possible, with the game dynamically increasing in difficulty as the player progresses.

To control the game on desktop devices, players use the mouse to start the ball bouncing and to click on the levers to change its color. For touchscreen devices, tapping on the screen functions similarly, with fingers acting as a mouse to interact with the game's elements. This intuitive control scheme ensures that Flat Jumper is accessible and enjoyable for players across different devices, emphasizing quick reflexes and strategic planning.


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