Fluffy Jelly Cat

In this game, Fluffy Jelly Cat, you have to create the appropriate length of lines in order to launch your cat to collect all the yummy treats for that level. To earn a perfect score and collect all three cookies, make sure you are careful to create the shortest lines possible. Can you collect all three tasty treats for your cat and complete each level with a perfect score to move onto the next?

To send Jelly Cat flying through the air, use your mouse or finger. The objective is to acquire all three stars while maintaining Jelly Cat's health. The tricky thing is getting there without falling off the landing platform. Finding the ideal launch speed could take some practice. The stars' whereabouts won't always be known. You'll need to investigate Jelly Cat's world and come up with a plan of action. On your journey, stay clear of sharp spikes and other hazards. You may always restart the game or reload the page if you run into trouble.


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