King of Birds

King of Birds presents an arcade-style challenge reminiscent of the iconic Flappy Bird game. You'll guide the King of Birds, a cute red square-shaped bird with petite wings, as it flies towards the right. Your mission? Navigate this little bird through pairs of pipes with evenly spaced gaps, positioned at varying heights along the way.

How to play: On the welcome screen, you'll find three buttons: Solo, 2 Player, and a sharing button for Twitter/X. Tap the Solo button to play alone and aim for the highest score. Choose the 2 Player option to challenge a friend and see who lasts longer. Adjust music with the speaker icon.


Desktop: Click the mouse or press A to keep the bird flying. In 2 Player mode, Red uses A, and Yellow uses L.

Touchscreen: Tap to keep the bird airborne.

Gameplay: Guide the bird through pipes by tapping or clicking to avoid crashing.


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