Knife Flip

Are you ready to have a blast testing your knife flipping ability (in a game with fake knives of course!)? Then, you are in the right spot to play Knife Flip. Be sure that when you are ready to flip a knife that it will land with the blade on the cutting board while also collecting coins in the air. If you are successful, your score will go up and you will be able to unlock even better knives the more coins you collect. The more times the knife flips in the air, the higher the score you will receive. What will your high score be? 

Tap or click on the cutting board to start. If playing on a desktop device, use your mouse to click and drag in order to flip the knife. If playing on a touchscreen device, in order to flip the knife use your finger to tap and swipe on the screen. Collect coins in order to upgrade to better knives. Make each landing perfect on the cutting board and your score will go up.


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