Minesweeper Master

In the game "Minesweeper Master," players can enjoy a classic minesweeper experience with three standard difficulty levels and nine unique grids to explore. The objective remains the same: uncover the hidden mines by strategically using the numbers on the tiles as clues. Each number on a tile indicates the number of adjacent tiles containing mines. Players must mark all the mines without triggering them and can seek assistance by utilizing the hint button to verify their choices.

How to play: To begin playing "Minesweeper Master," simply choose an icon on the welcome screen to start a game. The first three icons lead to regular square mine fields, while the other nine offer unique fields based on different objects.

Desktop: Use the left mouse click to interact.

Touchscreen devices: Tap on a cell to reveal its contents.

Gameplay: The game presents various board layouts with different mine counts, such as Easy with 20 mines, Medium with 40 mines, and Hard with 60 mines, along with themed layouts like Cheese, Egg, Mushroom, and more. Select a cell to reveal a number, blank, or mine, avoiding mines to continue. Use numbers to locate adjacent mines, flag suspected mines, and strategically mark mines to win. Utilize hints sparingly and employ a logical approach to uncover mines, using the hint button when needed for assistance.


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