Mouse Platform Escapes

Step into the adventure of Mouse Platform Escapes, where you control a charming little mouse navigating through challenging platform levels. Your mission? Collect all the cheese scattered across 8 retro-styled stages while avoiding spikes and dodging green, rotten cheese. Once you've gathered all the cheese, find the exit door to advance to the next level. Are you ready to help the mouse conquer this daring escape challenge?

How to play: On the right side of the welcome screen, you'll find several options to choose from. Clicking on "Play" allows you to start from the most recent level you’ve unlocked. If you prefer to select a specific level, click on "Level Select" to open the level selection screen. For exploring more games by the developer, click on "More Games," or to learn about the game’s creators, click on "Credits." Your progress throughout the game is automatically saved by your web browser.

Desktop: Use arrow keys to navigate through the game's menu options on the welcome screen. On the level selection screen, you can scroll through levels using the A and S keys, select a level with Enter, and return to the welcome screen by pressing Z. Interact with the sound and level selection buttons on the game screen by right-clicking with your mouse.

Touchscreen devices: Although the game is compatible, it's optimized for desktops with keyboards.

Gameplay: During gameplay, the top right corner of the screen displays the number of yellow cheeses remaining in the level. Additionally, two buttons are situated in the top right corner: the sound button, which toggles the game’s audio, and the level selection button, which navigates you to the level selection screen. Movement within the game involves touch-sensitive motion controls for precise movements, particularly in intricate areas. Navigate by using the A and D keys to move left and right, and jump over obstacles using the W key. During the game, your objective is to collect all the yellow cheeses while avoiding contact with green, spoiled cheeses and hazards like spikes, if you don't.... it is game over. Once you've collected all the yellow cheeses, the exit becomes accessible. Successfully reach the exit without touching any obstacles to clear the level.


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