Move The Pin 2

Welcome to Move The Pin 2, the sequel to the popular pull-the-pin puzzle game where your strategic skills are put to the test. Your objective is to pull each pin in the correct order, ensuring that all balls are collected while navigating through traps like bombs and spikes. Plan your moves carefully to safeguard the colored balls and successfully gather them. With 45 challenging stages, your ultimate goal in each stage is to guide all the colored candies into the jar at the bottom. Use color bombs to transform gray candies into colorful ones before safely depositing them into the container.

How to play: To begin your puzzle-solving journey, tap the blue and white play button at the center of the game's welcome screen to access the level selection screen. Progress through levels is unlocked in order, with your web browser automatically saving your game progress. The welcome screen displays the unlocked levels at the bottom and features a reset progress button in the lower right corner.


Desktop: Use your mouse left-click button to select and pull pins.

Touchscreen devices: Simply tap the pins to move them.

Gameplay: On each level screen, you'll find a level restart button, the current level number, and a home button at the top. Keep an eye on the percent counter near the candy basket, aiming to reach 100% to clear the stage. The level select screen indicates the levels you've unlocked.

Objectives: Ensure the candies land in the jar at the bottom with 100% completion. Avoid letting candies fall off-screen or collide with bombs or red spiked pins. Each pin can be moved only once, and pins with an X tag require 5 clicks to unlock. Strategize to maneuver around bombs, use color bombs wisely to transform gray candies, and ensure all candies are colorful before reaching the jar.

Levels: With 45 levels to conquer sequentially, aim for a pass by successfully guiding 100% colorful candies into the jar without any mishaps. Enjoy the challenge of Move The Pin 2, where you can replay levels and strive for perfection with unlimited continues. If needed, utilize the level restart button to tackle any tricky situations and master each level with strategic precision.


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