Move The Pin

Get ready for an engaging puzzle experience with Move The Pin, a fun game featuring a variety of levels to challenge you. Your task involves interacting with the game's physics by unpinning pins to collect colored balls and guiding them into a transparent flask. Dive into a straightforward 30-stage pin-pulling logic puzzle game and ensure at least one colorful ball touches the gray balls to transform them into colorful ones. Strategize your moves to navigate the pins, ensuring that bombs are either left undisturbed or set to collide and detonate without affecting the balls. Your ultimate aim is to have 100% of the colorful balls successfully reach and drain into the container. Enjoy this cool 2D game on your mobile device or PC at your convenience.

How to play: Tap the red and white start button on the game's welcome screen, which will lead you to the level select screen. Progress through the levels in sequence, with your web browser automatically saving your game progress for convenience.


Desktop: Use your mouse left-click button to select and remove pins.
Touchscreen devices: Simply tap the pins with your finger to remove them.

Gameplay: The goal of each level is to ensure that all the balls are colorful and successfully drop into the container at the bottom of the screen. Each pin can only be pulled once, and once a pin is removed, it cannot be repositioned later.

Objectives: Guide all the balls to drain into the container, with gray balls transforming into colorful ones upon contact with a colorful ball. Ensure that all balls are colorful when they reach the container to prevent any wastage. Strategically pull the pins to navigate around bombs, ensuring they remain undisturbed, fall off the platform, or collide with each other without affecting the colored balls. Losing a level occurs if a bomb detonates any balls, gray balls reach the container, or balls fall out of the level without entering the container. In case balls get stuck near the exit, use the level reset button in the upper left corner to restart the level.

Levels: In this game, there are 30 levels to conquer one after the other.


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