Orange Star

Looking for a fun challenge? Welcome to Orange Star! This hyper-casual arcade game boasts a sleek minimalist design that's easy to pick up yet tough to truly master. Your goal is to control a platform made up of three pieces and catch the falling orange star. Each miss costs you a piece from your platform, and if you lose all three, it's game over! Can you keep up with the pace and aim perfectly?

How to Play: On the welcome screen, click the play icon to start the game. Use the full-screen button to switch to full-screen mode, or click the information button for instructions.

Desktop: Use the left and right arrow keys to move your platform.

Touchscreen devices: Tap or drag on the screen to move your platform left or right.

Gameplay: Your goal is to catch the falling orange star with a circle to earn points and collect small stars for power-ups. Missing an orange star reduces your platform by one piece; lose all three pieces and it's game over. Collect the heart shape to regain a platform piece. Avoid the red falling star to stay in the game.


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