Embark on an exciting Penguin Adventure where a penguin filled with love sets out to collect three precious diamonds to assist a companion. With nine challenging levels awaiting you, each more difficult than the last, you must guide the penguin through this journey. To gather power, tap on the penguin and drag carefully. Beware of treacherous spikes along the way that can harm the penguin, so proceed with caution. Enjoy the adventure and have a great time playing!

How to Play: Join the Penguin Adventure as you assist a loving penguin in collecting three valuable diamonds across nine increasingly challenging levels. Use the controls by tapping and dragging on the penguin to accumulate power while being wary of perilous spikes. Have a delightful time navigating through this thrilling journey!

Getting Started: Just click on the start button and you are ready to go!


Desktop: Use the left mouse button to click. Drag to aim your jump. Release to make the penguin leap.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the screen. Drag your fingers to aim. Release to make the penguin leap.


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