Red Rope

Dive into the world of Red Rope, where your dexterity is put to the test in this enthralling game. He plays. The player has a magnet and should guide the red rope through a twisting way to the connector of finish, grazing, but not entering it in all white points of connection, which turn green once touched. But here's the rub: if left untouched, any point reverts to white and asks for a repeat effort. And should you hit the finish without greenifying all the points, the rope snaps, prompted with a level restart. This game is not just about pulling the rope; in fact, this is another test for your critical ability along with physics. Get ready with your magnet and dive into this mission for conquering levels as a Red Rope Champion.

To start the game, click on the white play button. Choose the level and start the game. In this game, one magnet is at the end of the rope, moving with the movement of the mouse or finger while dragging. You want to move the rope so that it touches every one of the white connectors before moving the rope to the red finish connector. The rope will snap on touching the red finish connector without having touched all the points of contact.


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