Retro Square

Get your retro vibes going with Retro Square! It is a fun and tricky ball bouncing game! The goal is to keep the ball bouncing inside the square by tapping precisely when it its a side. Make sure to keep the ball in play for as long as possible, but be careful - one missed tap and it's game over for you! Ideal for those seeking a retro gaming experience, Retro Square promises hours of entertainment with its classic sound effects and engaging gameplay.

How to play: Simply tap the play button located beneath the game title on the welcome screen. Your high score is automatically saved by your web browser for future reference.


Desktop: Use your mouse to left-click on the screen when the ball hits the square's sides to keep it bouncing.

Touchscreen devices: Utilize your fingers to tap on the screen, serving as a mouse. When it comes to gameplay, initiate movement by left-clicking or tapping, ensuring to continue this action as the ball interacts with the square's sides.

Gameplay: Timing is crucial! Clicking or tapping prematurely or failing to do so upon contact results in the ball exploding. Aim to sustain the bouncing process for as long as possible.

Scoring: This is pretty much straightforward, earn 1 point for each successful bounce off the square's sides, with your best score prominently displayed at the bottom center of the welcome screen.


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