Shoot Up

Shoot Up is a simple but fun sports game that involves swiping a soccer ball into a goal. The objective is to score as many points as you can by getting the ball into the net. The catch is there's a pretty active goalie guarding the goal! Three misses or catches by the goalie mean the game is over! It's a classic penalty kick shoot-out of a game that will test your accuracy and precision in taking penalty shots!

How to Play: To begin the penalty kick game, click on the Play button in the middle of the welcome screen. You can also toggle full-screen mode and the music here.

Desktop: Use your mouse to click and hit the soccer ball towards the goal.

Touchscreen Devices: Tap and slide your fingers to shoot the soccer ball into the goal.

Gameplay: It's you against a skilled goalie in this penalty kick game! You have only three lives - if you miss by hitting the goalposts or if the goalie catches the ball, you lose a life. If you miss the goal three times, it's game over. This is a classic swipe-and-shoot game where you must demonstrate your penalty kick accuracy to score goals. As you rack up more points, you'll notice the goalie becoming more active and challenging to beat.


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