Score the maximum points in this challenging race. It's a game against yourself! Drive your car in an elongated oval track and make as many loops as you can. Be careful of the sharp turns—hitting the borders means instant game over! With each loop, the difficulty increases, testing your reflexes and driving skills. Can you keep up the speed and avoid the edges? Race on and see how long you can last!

How to play: Click or tap the blue play icon on the welcome screen to begin.

Desktop: Click and hold the mouse button to make turns.

Touchscreen devices: Tap and hold the screen to make turns.

Gameplay: Drive your car around an elongated oval race track. You score points by completing laps around the track. The car runs automatically, so your task is to ensure it makes the turns without hitting any corners or borders. If you hit any of the borders, it's game over! The more laps you complete, the higher your score.


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