Are you up for a challenge with Tangram Grid? This puzzle game tasks you with filling grids using seven distinct pieces. Ensure they're placed correctly, with no overlap, to finish each level. With 40 levels of fun, use your mouse to drag and drop pieces, rotating them with a click. Ready to test your skills?

How to play: Tap the play button on the left side of the welcome screen. For audio controls, tap the hamburger menu button at the top right corner.

Desktop: Click and drag pieces to move them. Click pieces to rotate.

Touchscreen devices: Tap on the screen to mimic mouse actions.

Gameplay: Select levels from the bottom row. Rotate and place shapes on the grid, avoiding overlaps. Pay attention to pixelation for placement clues. Start with larger pieces and work methodically. The yellow piece has specific dimensions: two sides are two squares wide, others are one square.


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