The Gate

In The Gate, players have the unique ability to teleport, allowing them to move swiftly and effortlessly across the game’s 29 stages. These stages are filled with obstacles such as lasers, spikes, and Medieval flails. Players must navigate platforms, collect keys, and avoid hazards. The teleportation ability helps bypass tough sections by letting players instantly move from one spot to another. Successfully making it through the door advances the player to the next stage.

How to play: Click the play button on the welcome screen to access the level selection. Levels unlock sequentially, and your progress is automatically saved. Use the settings button to toggle music and sound effects or reset progress.

Desktop: Use the arrow keys to move and jump, and the Z key for portals.

Touchscreen devices: Use on-screen buttons for movement, jumping, and handling portals.

Gameplay: This game involves collecting keys, avoiding obstacles like spikes and lasers, and reaching the exit door. Fixed platforms stay in place while falling platforms drop when stepped on. Use portals to navigate tricky areas and retrieve keys safely. The game has 29 stages, with completed levels marked in blue. The pause button opens a menu for game controls. Collect all keys and reach the exit to win; hitting obstacles results in instant death. Unlimited continues to let you restart failed levels. Use the pause button if stuck.


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