The Math Game

Looking for a fun way to test your math skills? Math Game is an HTML5 and mobile game that challenges you with three levels: easy, normal, and hard. Start with the easy and normal levels to earn coins by answering questions correctly. Use your coins to unlock the hard level for an even bigger challenge. Answer questions, earn coins, and set new records in this exciting and educational game!

How to play: To start the game, click on the easy or normal button on the welcome screen. The hard mode is locked and requires earning coins to access. You can toggle the music on or off by clicking the musical note icon in the upper left corner.

Desktop: Click on the correct answer from the four options given for each math problem.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the correct answer from the four options presented with each math problem.

Gameplay: This educational math game is suitable for both adults and kids. Test your math skills and reaction time across three difficulty levels. Easy mode features addition and subtraction problems, normal mode focuses on multiplication, and hard mode contains more challenging problems, unlocked by earning coins. Are you ready to test your skills?


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