Arrow Colorful

Arrow Colorful is a hyper-casual game with minimalist visuals and increasing difficulty. Steer the arrow to blast through gates that match its color by left-clicking or tapping and holding to control it. Earn points for every gate you clear and collect colored dots for bonus points. Be careful to avoid walls and gates of different colors, and try not to get cornered while collecting items. Enjoy the fast-paced challenge of matching colors and navigating through obstacles!

How to Play: At the bottom center of the welcome screen, click Start to begin. Use the Full-Screen option to switch between windowed and full-screen modes, and the Sound option to turn the game’s audio on or off. Your progress and scores are saved automatically and displayed on the welcome screen.

Desktop: Control the arrow by left-clicking and dragging with your mouse.

Touchscreen devices: Tap and drag on the screen to move the arrow.

Gameplay: The arrow moves automatically. Left-click or tap and hold to zoom in and control the arrow; release to zoom out. Guide the arrow through gates of the same color. Each gate passed changes the arrow's color. More gates appear as you progress. Collect colored dots for bonus points. Avoid hitting the wall or gates of a different color, as this ends the game. Earn 1 point per gate and 10 points per flashing dot. Your current score is displayed at the bottom center of the screen.


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