On The Hill

On The Hill is a simple and fun game with a clean look. The goal is to run down the hills, collect white circles for points, and avoid square obstacles. You can change your position from up to down with just one touch, making the gameplay easy to pick up but hard to master. How many circles can you collect before hitting a square? Enjoy playing On The Hill on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer and challenge yourself to beat your high score!

How to Play: On the welcome screen, click the pulsating play icon to begin the game. Use the full-screen button at the bottom to toggle full-screen mode.

Desktop: Click the mouse to switch between above and below the line.

Touchscreen devices: Tap anywhere on the screen to switch between above and below the line.

Gameplay: Control a blue box sliding down a diagonal slope. Avoid square barriers by tapping or clicking to switch the box's position from above to below the slope. Collect white circles to score points. The game ends if you touch a barrier. How long can you last?


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