Baby Duck

Baby Duck is a fun game made specifically for kids. In this game, you'll be in control of a baby duck on wheels and your goal is to collect as many candies as you can while they fall from the sky. Be careful to avoid the bombs, as hitting them will end the game for your baby duck. It's an easy game to play with cute graphics and enjoyable sound effects. Have a great time playing!

How to Play: To start playing Baby Duck, click on the Start button on the welcome screen. You can also toggle the background music and share your high score on social media.


Desktop: Although it's best played on touchscreen devices, you can use the mouse button to move the baby duck from left to right. Click on the arrows on the screen to control its movement.

Touchscreen devices: Tap on the arrow buttons to make the baby duck move left or right.

Gameplay: The objective of Baby Duck is simple: collect as many candies as you can as they fall from the sky. But watch out! There are also bombs mixed in with the candies. If you catch a bomb, it's game over!


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