World Cup 2018

It's billiards and football (or soccer for American players) combined into one exciting game! Inspired by the 2018 FIFA World Cup, this 2D HTML game offers a thrilling 1 vs 1 player mode where players take turns hitting the ball. In a billiard-style setup, you use balls marked with your chosen country's flag to strike the football and aim it towards the goal. Whether you're a football fan or a billiards enthusiast, this game provides a unique and entertaining challenge that tests your strategy and precision.

How to play: On the welcome screen, select which flag or country to represent for Player one (on the left) and Player 2 (on the right). After selecting, click the play icon button on the lower part of the screen to begin the game. You have an option to play full-screen mode and toggle the music on or off.

Desktop: Click and hold the mouse button to aim and power up your shot. Release to hit the football.

Touchscreen devices: Tap and drag your fingers on the screen aim and power up your shot. Release to hit the football.

Gameplay: With 33 teams to choose from, this 1 VS 1 football match is a way to challenge and have fun with your friends all at the same time. Each match has 2 minutes per game, the goal is to shoot the football to the goal. The strategy is more like playing billiards, positioning your balls to hit the football. Enjoy with your friends!


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