Beachball Fun

Dive into a simple but very fun 20-stage physics puzzle game where your task is to drop colored balls into containers of the same color. Cut the chains to release the balls, use black balls to push them in the right direction, and make use of seesaws, springs, and other level elements to help guide the balls to their respective containers.

How to play: To kick off the game, simply tap the play button located in the bottom right corner of the welcome screen. Below the play button, you'll find the music button which turn the game's music on or off, speaker button which control the game's sound effects, and enlarge button which switches between windowed and full-screen modes. Your game progress is automatically saved by your web browser, and a tutorial will guide you each time you start the game.

Desktop: Use your mouse to click and sever the chains.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the screen with your fingers to cut the chains.

Gameplay: Guide colored balls to matching containers, considering gravity's influence. Cut the chains to release the balls and engineer their paths to reach the correct containers. All colored balls must reach the right containers to progress. Missing a ball results in a game over, and dropping balls in the wrong order can make a level unwinnable. Cut the chains to release colored or black balls.
Black Balls are essential for directing colored balls, they can alter the path of seesaws. Balance is key when dealing with seesaws, adjust counterweights to guide balls. There are platforms and barriers, some move while others are stationary. Time your moves to utilize the moving pipes effectively and strategically place black balls to influence the stationary pipes.

Level: Levels unlock in sequence, with only the first level available initially. Completing a level unlocks the next one, and you can replay any unlocked levels. The game consists of 20 levels.


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