Doggy vs Zombie

In the game "Doggy vs Zombie," players take on the role of a nimble dog navigating through a landscape overrun by zombies. The objective is to race against the ever-approaching horde of the undead, skillfully leaping over any zombies that cross your path. As you progress, you'll collect various items scattered throughout the game to accumulate the highest possible score.

How to Play: To start the game, click on the big yellow Play icon on the welcome screen. You'll also find the audio level and music buttons in the bottom corners of the welcome screen to adjust the sound.

Desktop: Use the left or right mouse button to make the dog jump. Double-click while the dog is mid-jump to jump again.

Touchscreen devices: Tap on the screen to make the dog jump. Double-tap to make the dog jump while in mid-air.

Gameplay: Guide your dog along the path while facing zombies both in front and behind you. Escape the zombies chasing you while jumping over the zombies ahead. Collect points by grabbing the balls and restore your life bar, which starts at 10 points, by grabbing the heart power-up ball. It's a thrilling game that will keep your heart pumping. Jump skillfully, gather items, and aim for a high score!


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