Bouncing Bunny

Bouncing Bunny is an entertaining game with a unique mechanic where you guide a hungry bunny to collect all the carrots across 16 retro-style levels. Help the bunny jump across platforms, including fragile glass surfaces that break if the bunny stays on them too long. Your goal is to ensure the bunny safely reaches his carrots by hopping left and right without falling off the platforms. Can you help the bunny get all his carrots and complete each level?

How to Play: Tap anywhere on the welcome screen to reach the level selection screen. Complete each level to unlock the next one. Your progress is saved automatically.

Desktop: To move, use the mouse or arrow keys. Click the left or right side of the screen or use the arrow keys to move in that direction. Press the down arrow key to stop flying after eating a red carrot.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the left side to jump left and the right side to jump right.

Gameplay: There are 16 levels that become more difficult as you progress. Early levels involve jumping over gaps. From level 6, platforms disappear quickly after being stepped on. From level 11, eating a red carrot makes you fly until you hit something. You can also stop flying if you press the down arrow. Complete a level by eating the last carrot. Move by bouncing left or right, holding the mouse button, arrow key, or screen longer to jump farther. Make small jumps to the edge before making a big jump to avoid falling. Keep moving to avoid falling off disappearing platforms. Falling results in death, but you have unlimited retries.


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