Bubble Pet Saga

Dive into the world of Bubble Pet Saga, a fun animal-themed bubble shooting game where you help adorable pets by shooting and matching animal bubbles. Earn points by clearing groups of three or more animals, but be careful not to let the bubbles reach the bottom line. With 25 levels to conquer, enjoy the charming visuals and brain-teasing puzzles as you aim for high scores in this engaging arcade adventure.

How to play: To start playing the game, simply tap Play on the welcome screen. Use the speaker button to control the game's sound effects. Your highest score is automatically saved by your web browser.

Desktop: Use your mouse to aim and click to shoot.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the screen to shoot. The animal bubble moves where you tap.

Gameplay: The goal is to clear groups of three or more animal bubbles to earn points. As you progress, more rows of bubbles are added faster. Keep clearing bubbles and firing animals to prevent them from reaching the bottom line and ending the game. Remember, the more animal bubbles you clear, the higher your score. Strategize by aiming to create groups without obstructing others and avoid shooting too much to the sides to maximize your gameplay.


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