Step into the world of arithmetic challenges with this engaging quiz game made for young players. The mission? Crack 5 equations correctly to conquer each level. Put your answers in the designated space and aim for a high grade by acing as many questions as you can. Go on an exciting journey through 45 levels, each offering a new opportunity to showcase your arithmetic prowess.

How to play: To kick off the game, simply click the play button on the welcome screen. Your game progress is automatically saved by your web browser. Track your progress at the top center of the welcome screen. To reset your progress, tap the gear button in the bottom left corner.


Desktop: Use the number keys above the alphabet keys on your keyboard to input answers. On your mouse, left-click the backspace button to clear the answer space, backspace key on the keyboard is disabled. Left-click the check button to confirm your answer.

Touchscreen devices: Although playable on touchscreen devices, the game controls are optimized for desktops with keyboards.


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