Champion Slot

Champions Slot is a simple, sports-themed virtual slot machine game. You can set your core bet amount and choose to place between 1 and 3 bets of that core bet. Then, pull the lever and spin the slot machine, hoping for the best combination of classic sports symbols. This is just for fun, with no real prizes awarded.

How to play: To begin, click the red button with the white triangle. On the welcome screen, you'll find buttons at the top: developer info and full screen mode on the left, and sound control on the right.


Desktop: Set your bet by clicking the arrows next to the bid amount, choosing between $1 and $5. Use the "One Bet" and "Max Bet" buttons to multiply your core bet by 1, 2, or 3, up to a maximum of $15. Click the "SPIN" baseball bat to spin the slots.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the on-screen buttons to place your bet and spin. The upper right corner has a settings button for full screen, sound control, and returning to the welcome screen.

Gameplay: Start with $1,000 in credits. Bet on a single row, with a core bet of $1 to $5, and multiply it by 1, 2, or 3. The payout table at the top shows matching 3 items to win: Trophies (500), soccer balls (300), basketballs (200), baseballs (100), blue bars (60), orange bars (30), green bars (20), and red bars (10). The game is designed for your credits to increase over time, making it an idle game.

Odds: Winning odds are set so that 40% of spins result in a win. Within those winning spins, Trophies appear 1% of the time (1 in 250 spins), soccer balls 3% (1 in 83.3 spins), basketballs 6% (1 in 46.7 spins), baseballs 10% (1 in 25 spins), blue bars 15% (1 in 16.7 spins), orange bars 20% (1 in 12.5 spins), green bars 20% (1 in 12.5 spins), and red bars 25% (1 in 10 spins).


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