Reborn Relics

Explore the world of Reborn Relics, where you have three lives to conquer each stage. Navigate to the exit door, collect keys if necessary, and use spikes strategically to create platforms or activate buttons. Enjoy the adventure across 35 exciting stages!

How to Play: Start by pressing any key on the welcome screen to access the level select screen. Levels unlock progressively, and your game progress, including completed levels, is automatically saved by your web browser.

Desktop: Use the left arrow key to move left, the right arrow key to move right, and the up arrow key to jump.

Touchscreen devices: Use on-screen controls with move left/right buttons in the lower left corner and a jump button (A) in the lower right corner.

Gameplay: Navigate 35 stages with 3 lives per level. Use deaths to create temporary platforms and exit levels through doors, sometimes requiring key collection. Encounter obstacles like spikes and lasers, deactivating lasers with dead versions on buttons. Platforms vary, and heart containers restore lives. Replay completed levels, aiming to reach the exit to win, but be cautious—losing occurs after three deaths. Unlimited continues are available.


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