Circle Ping Pong

Circle Ping Pong is part of our dot game series. These games are simple but very challenging. They test your reflexes and play with the idea of physics. In this game, you control a white paddle that goes around a circle. The goal is to hit the white ball, then catch it on the other side of where it bounces. Test your skills and try to get the high score!

How to Play: To begin, just click or tap the Play button on the main screen. You can also change the settings before you start.


Desktop: Click and hold down the mouse button to move the white panel.

Touchscreen devices: Tap and hold the screen to move the white panel.

Gameplay: This game is like playing ping pong by yourself. You control a white panel that goes around in a circle. You have to use the panel to hit the white ball. Once you hit the ball, you need to guess where it will go next and hit it with your panel again. Your panel can only move around the circle, so you have to time it right to hit the ball. If you miss the ball, the game is over.


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