Dot Invasion

In Dot Invasion, you find yourself as a single dot positioned in the middle of the screen, while white and pink dots are approaching you from all directions! Your mission is simple: match the color of the incoming dots to avoid being invaded! Stay alert and use your quick reflexes to navigate through the onslaught of dots. Can you rise to the challenge and successfully evade the invasion? Test your skills in Dot Invasion and find out!

How to play: Start by clicking or tapping on the Play button that appears on the welcome screen. If needed, you can also adjust the settings before beginning the game.

Desktop: Click and hold your mouse button to change the color of your dot from white to pink. Release the button to switch it back to white.

Touchscreen devices: Simply hold or release the screen to switch between white and pink.

Gameplay: Get ready to face attacks from all directions in Dot Invasion! Your objective is to avoid being invaded by matching the color of the incoming dots to your own dot's color. Pay close attention, as the speed of the incoming dots can vary, ranging from slow to very fast. Quick reflexes are important to get the best score! Stay focused, match the colors swiftly, and dodge the invasion from all angles!


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