Circle Race

Circle Race is a skills game where you control a white dot and race against other moving dots. Your goal is to complete full laps around the circle without hitting the black dots that appear as you play. The game starts simple but gets harder as more dots show up at different speeds. You score points for each lap you finish, and you can try to beat your best score to climb the leaderboard. The game has a simple design with just the circles and a teal background.

How to Play: Press the Play button to start the game. You can adjust the settings before you begin.


Desktop: Click and hold the mouse button to make your white dot go faster around the circle, release to slow down.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the screen to make the dot go faster, release to slow down.

Gameplay: This is a fun, simple game. You start with two overlapping circles, one above the other. Your goal is to guide the white dot around the top circle, completing laps to score points. Black dots will appear in the bottom circle, moving at different speeds. You need to avoid hitting these dots as you circle around.


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