Color Dash

Get ready for Color Dash, a fun game where you tap the screen to match the color of a moving dot with the same color block. It's simple - match, tap, and score points as you progress through levels. But watch out for obstacles and keep up with the increasing speed! With its straightforward gameplay and colorful challenges, Color Dash offers endless fun for everyone!

How to Play: Start by clicking or tapping the Play button and adjust settings if needed.


Desktop: Move the dot using the mouse button.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the screen to move.

Gameplay: Your task is to match the color of your dot with one of the five colors available on the screen. To do this, simply click or tap the screen to change the color of your dot. Keep an eye on the color blocks and swiftly maneuver your dot to match the corresponding color. As you progress, the game speeds up, challenging your reflexes and precision. Be quick and accurate to avoid making mistakes, as a wrong move means it's game over.


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