Maze Control

Maze Control is a delightful puzzle game where you guide a ball through tricky mazes by rotating them. Your mission is to lead the ball safely to the exit, overcoming obstacles and tricky traps along the way. With each level, the maze becomes more challenging, requiring careful planning and precision to succeed. Rotate the maze left or right to roll the ball in the right direction, dodging moving stars and utilizing bounce mechanics to tackle tougher obstacles. With 30 levels to unlock and replay, enjoy the modern and sleek design of this gravity maze puzzle game while honing your maze-solving skills.

How to play: To begin, click the green play arrow button below the logo. Select level 1 to start. Your progress is saved in your browser for easy continuation. Replay unlocked levels anytime.


Desktop: Mouse and Keyboard. Click LEFT or RIGHT to rotate the maze. Use the navigation icon for movement.

Touchscreen devices: Tap LEFT or RIGHT to rotate. Stick to tapping for stable control.

Other Controls: Use the icons for level selection and navigation. After Completing a Level, click play to move to the next level. Options to replay, go home, or select levels are available.

Gameplay: Guide the ball safely through the maze. Obstacles get tougher as you progress. Use bounce mechanics and precise timing. Practice patience and critical thinking.


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