Dinogo is a vibrant and colorful take on the Google Chrome Dino Game! Guide the adorable orange T-Rex along the road as it faces human warriors and pterodactyls. Grab food to earn extra points and collect bones to launch them at the cavemen. Enjoy endless dino fun with this exciting and visually captivating game!

How to Play: Click or tap the large Play button in the center of the welcome screen.

Desktop: Click or double-click your mouse to make the T-Rex jump.

Touchscreen devices: Tap or double-tap the screen to make the T-Rex jump.

Gameplay: This game is an enhanced version of the classic Dino Game. You control an orange T-Rex that runs continuously to the right. Along the way, you'll encounter human warriors; hitting them results in a game over. To avoid them, jump over single warriors, and use a double jump for closely spaced warriors. Additionally, beware of pterodactyls flown by warriors that throw rocks at you from above. Collect food to score points. Your score is based on how long you survive and the amount of food you collect.


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