DODO vs Zombie

Introducing Dodo vs Zombies, a fun game where you control a Dodo character fighting zombies! Use colored bullets to shoot zombies of the same color and score points. You can play with keyboard controls (a, s, d) or tap buttons on mobile devices. Get ready for some zombie-blasting action! Get ready for intense zombie-blasting action in Dodo vs Zombies!

How to play: Simply click on the play button on the welcome screen to begin the game. Then, the game will guide you on how to shoot the zombies.


Desktop: Use the keyboard to shoot different colored bullets - press A for blue, S for yellow, and D for red. Alternatively, you can use your mouse to click on the A, S, and D buttons displayed on the screen.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the A button for blue bullets, the S button for yellow bullets, and the D button for red bullets.

Gameplay: Your dodo character is positioned on the left side of the screen with a gun ready to fire. Waves of zombies, each color-coded, will approach you. To shoot them down, use the corresponding colored bullets. Choosing the wrong color will speed up the zombies! Earn one point for every zombie you eliminate!


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