Descend is an arcade game that offers a tough challenge with simple graphics. Navigate a shape of your choice downward through platforms, collecting items to earn points. Avoid obstacles quickly before the platforms close. The game works smoothly on both PC and mobile devices, ensuring a polished gameplay experience for all players.

How to Play: To begin the game, click the octagon-shaped play icon on the welcome screen. Below it, choose your shape for play and toggle fullscreen and music options.

Desktop: Control the shape using the mouse button or left and right arrow keys.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the left or right side of the screen to move the shape.

Gameplay: The game's simplicity is its charm. Guide your chosen shape as it descends down the screen. Initially, platforms from the sides move slowly, forming a single platform. As you progress, these platforms speed up, narrowing the gap and potentially trapping your shape. If this happens, the game ends. Descend for as long as possible without getting stuck to achieve a higher score.


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