Chicken Love

Chicken Love is from the same team that brought us Chicken Jump. In this game, you guide a brave chicken on a mission to rescue its true love from evil trolls. Navigate through 18 challenging stages filled with obstacles and power-ups. Each level is more challenging than the last and will definitely test your skills, especially your reflexes. Cool graphics, cool music, and smooth controls make this a fun game to play.

How to play: To start Chicken Love, click the gold Play button on the welcome screen to access the 18 levels.

Desktop: Use your mouse to aim and shoot the chicken - pull and release to send it flying. You can even re-aim mid-flight.

Touchscreen devices: Players can drag their fingers down to aim, then release to shoot the chicken.

Gameplay: This will definitely remind you of Angry Birds! The objective is to guide the chicken to destroy the cage holding its true love, avoiding trolls and collecting power-ups along the way. One of the game's standout features is the ability to re-aim the chicken while it's airborne.


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