Drive Safe and Fast

Drive Safe and Fast is an endless driving game where you navigate a jungle road, collecting coins while avoiding obstacles and animals. Steer carefully to dodge anything in your path because a single collision means game over. Gather as many coins as you can to boost your score and see how long you can drive without crashing. Enjoy the challenge of this simple yet thrilling obstacle evasion game!

How to play: Click on the play button located in the center of the screen. Adjacent to the play button, you'll find a speaker icon that allows you to toggle the game's sound on or off. Your highest score is automatically saved by your web browser and can be viewed at the bottom center of the screen.

Desktop: Control the car's direction using the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard. Alternatively, you can steer by clicking the left or right sides of the screen with your mouse.

Touchscreen device: Steer the car by tapping either side of the screen with your fingers.

Gameplay: Once the game starts, the car will move forward automatically. Your objective is to maneuver the car left or right to avoid animals crossing the road. As you continue playing, the car will accelerate, increasing the challenge. Collect gold coins scattered along the road to earn points. Be cautious: colliding with any animals ends the game. So no ROADKILL!


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