Drunken Duel

Drunken Duel on Games4.com is a fun, easy-to-play shooting game. You control a wobbly dummy and try to shoot your enemy. You can play alone or with a friend in two-player mode.

The game has two silly ragdoll characters who flop around a lot. You only control when they shoot. The recoil from the gun makes them move. There's a single-player mode against a not-so-smart computer, and a two-player mode where you and a friend share the keyboard.

You win by making your opponent's health bar go down by shooting them, but if you hit their head, you win right away. There's a cool slow-motion effect whenever a bullet gets close to the head. It's all about fun and laughs, and it's even funnier if you're hammered too. The drunker you are, the better you seem to be at this game.

Player 1: Use the 'W' key
Player 2: Use the "UP" arrow key

Mobile: Use the touch controls on your device


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