Racoon Headball

Racoon Headball is a unique sports game where players compete in a beach volleyball-style match, but with one twist - they can only use their heads to hit the ball. Set on a sunny beach, the game features animated raccoon characters who must strategically maneuver and score points by heading the ball. The objective is to be the first to reach 11 points, making for an exciting and fast-paced gameplay experience. Racoon Headball offers an engaging and lighthearted take on traditional sports, allowing players to enjoy the charming beach setting while testing their headball skills against opponents.

How to Play: Begin the game by clicking the Play button on the welcome screen. You can also toggle the music and full-screen mode on this page.

Desktop: Use the arrow keys or mouse to control the grey raccoon.

Touchscreen devices: Tap the left and right arrow buttons on the screen to move the raccoon forward or backward. Tap the up arrow button to hit the ball with the raccoon's head.

Gameplay: The goal is to reach 11 points first. Don't be fooled by the cute red raccoon playing against you; she's a skilled headball player! Avoid dropping the ball onto the sandy beach, as this will give your opponent a point. Use your head (pun intended) to outsmart your opponent.


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